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With the wind down of the Elders Forestry business, Elders Forestry no longer employ Investor Services staff . Notwithstanding this, Elders Forestry will continue to respond to information requests as set out on this page. However, we would appreciate your patience in doing so.

Please note that requests for Annual Statements for 2013 and 2014, for Unclaimed Distributions or requests from external advisors and accountants will not be responded to directly.

Please refer the following information in respect to those 3 items.

1. Annual Statements for 2013 and 2014

In conjunction with the wind down of the forestry business, Annual Statement of Income and Expenditure were not prepared or issued for 2012/13 and will not be issued for subsequent years. Investors have been previously notified of this.

If a project made distributions during the 2013 and 2014 income tax year, documentation was supplied to investors at the time of the distribution to their nominated address. The documentation supplied contains all relevant financial details in relation to the investor’s forestry project participation and a Tax Return Guide is available on the Elders Forestry website – wwww.eldersforestry.com.au – to provide the disclosure details needed to complete 2012/13 income tax return.

2. Unclaimed Distributions

There are no further distributions to be made by any of the Managed Investment Schemes. Any distributions that were unclaimed by investors, for example, uncashed cheques, were sent, as required by law, to Australian Securities and Investment Commission Unclaimed Monies.

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission Unclaimed Monies will be able to assist you with recovering proceeds of the unclaimed distributions.

3. Requests from external advisors and accountants

We request that advisors and accountants refer to their clients for copies of distribution statements and other project documentation.

Due to the limited resources available as a consequence of the wind down of the Elders Forestry business we are unable to provide additional copies.

If your client is unable to locate particular documents, we might be able to retrieve a copy from archived records, but doing so might take time. Please note however, that we are not able to provide the documents to anyone other than an investor, without written authority from the investor.
We apologise if you have previously provided authority from your client.

For all other enquiries:
Please contact us via email at is@eldersforestry.com.au

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